Friday 10 April 2020


After the death and resurrection of Jesus, leaders of his disciples also known as the Apostles, started their mission entrusted by Christ. It is nothing but to spread his GOOD NEWS of Love in the form of love your neighbour, love your enemy, and similar other doctrines. In accordance with the Acts of Apostles, initially they started their mission by giving sermons in or near the temples/synagogues of the Jews to which they also belonged and baptised those who joined them. In those days, the Apostles along with their disciples as a group were known as the Church and not the buildings. Hence during that period a building had never called as a Church. They used to break the bread as taught by Jesus during the Last Supper and had the meals together among their houses in turn. They also distributed their possessions and belongings among them according their need. In short there was no priest or a building called Church. There was also no Holy Mass in the present form, but only the breaking the bread in the leadership of Elders in the homes as above.

It is also believed that the above position continued even when the Christians were persecuted during the persecution period of Roman Emperors Nero (64 A.D.) to Diocletian (305 A.D.). However, when the Constantine (306 A.D. to) became the Emperor of the whole of the Roman Empire and also, was converted to Christianity, built a Church as a building in the present form, believed as the first one. Then came the Canon Law and other establishments.

But after the arrival of the COVID 19, the situation is reversed to its original stage where there was no church buildings and no church going. Now, though there are church buildings, there is no church going anywhere, even during this Maundy Thursday to Easter period.

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